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Our teams bring inspirational minds together. These experts are dedicated to building software and hardware products that inspire music enthusiasts, producers and performers around the globe. We know market trends and constantly talk to our customers. We believe in true end-to-end ownership and self-contained teams to guide new ideas from concept to product release. We code, deploy, and maintain our products at the high level in order to continually push technological boundaries. Design is key in everything we build. Our research dives deep, our work is tested rigorously, and we release in short cycles. We're passionate about improving our products, our agility, and ourselves so that we can open new creative horizons to our users.



The Marketing team at Native Instruments consists of over 50 staff worldwide – all dedicated to making sure the company's products are properly presented and explained to the outside world. Creating excitement and demand is the name of the game, with the Native Instruments website and newsletter as central tools of communication. The Marketing team looks both after strategic and conceptual aspects of branding and market communication, as well as creative aspects like video production, graphic and web design, and copywriting. Marketing is also responsible for PR tasks like press and artist relations, events, and social media / community management



The Sales Team at Native Instruments is split throughout the offices in Berlin, London, Los Angeles and Tokyo. They work together with a network of local distributors and resellers to make Native Instruments' products available to a broad number of customers around the globe. While North America, Europe, and Japan are traditionally the strongest markets for Native Instruments, growing audiences for music production and DJing in regions like China, Latin America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East create new opportunities that the Sales teams also explore.



Customer Support at Native Instruments falls into the following categories: Presales Support, Order Support, Technical Support, Registration Support and Support Documentation. They are all part of the internal "Customer Service Center". These individual support teams help customers with questions regarding sales information, order fulfillment and possible issues with the operation of the products, both through free telephone support and a sophisticated ticket system. The Technical Support team also takes care of the Knowledge Base on the NI Website and produces tutorial videos. The support staff of over 60 people is distributed across the Berlin, LA and Tokyo offices.



The SCM/Logistics staff of currently more than 10 people fulfills a crucial role within the company: taking care of strategic production planning, inventory management and global allocation. The intricate coordination and controlling of channel partners like external warehouses, fulfillment centers and factories enable the complex production, order and shipping processes at Native Instruments to run smoothly.



The Finance department consists of the three sub-departments Accounting, Controlling and Business Applications, and is approximately 30 people strong. Its staff takes care of all financial matters within the company, including forecasting and budget reviews, and also functions as an intermediary towards external partners, banks and auditors. The Business Application team provides business-to-business software tools and works closely together with departments such as Web Development, Supply Chain Management and Sales.



All teams at Native Instruments deliver their best every day. We make sure they have what they need to do it. We're responsible for creating the optimal work environment and for making sure all departements function together as one unit. We hire the right people, take care of the system infrastructure and provide expert legal advice. You'll become part of a team that is direct and focused. We ask a lot of each other, and learn and laugh together in the process. We love being able to see the results of our work every day.