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"Heavyocity has raised the bar again. Mutations 2 is another must have for any composer's arsenal. Not only does it sound great, but the sounds are highly useable and sit just right in a mix."

John Debney , Compositeur nominé pour un Academy Award (Iron Man 2, The Passion of the Christ, Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, Sin City et beaucoup d'autres)
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"Evolve Mutations 2 is one of the most exciting tools you can imagine to compose and produce music. It’s dynamic, imaginative, edgy and playful. I'm getting addicted, so my fear now is how long we'll have to wait for what comes next! GREAT STUFF!"

Javier Navarrete , Compositeur nominé pour un Academy Award (Pans Labyrinth, Inkheart, The Warrior’s Way)
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"Mutations 2 takes Heavyocity’s sound into an even more customizable, destructive realm. The programming and 'Trigger FX’ switching in this new set of sounds eliminates huge amounts of time I normally spend personalizing sounds. Out of the box, Mutations 2 once again fits nicely with the style I write. Adding in the ‘on the fly’ effects key-switching makes this collection a MUST BUY."

Kevin Riepl , Compositeur (Crackdown 2, Aliens Colonial Marines, Gears of War, Unreal 3)
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"Just when Evolve had become one of my ‘go to’ musical sound design instruments, Heavyocity piles on the awesomeness with Mutations 2. I love the new designy pads, great new hits, the new interface and the real time trigger FX. 2 thumbs way up and a big grin on my face. Very useful stuff!"

Charles Deenen , Directeur du son - Electronic Arts (Need for Speed Series, Feature Film Trailers, The Fast & Furious 1/2)
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"Mutations is a fantastic upgrade to Evolve. The sounds blend perfectly with the rest of my libraries and provide more of the same edgy kind of material I love using to spice up my tracks."
Tom Salta, Compositeur (Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.X., Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter Series Need For Speed Underground 2)
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"Just like with Evolve, Heavyocity delivers once again with their newest Mutations. It's incredibly wicked and a must for any serious composer!!"
Sascha Dikiciyan , Compositeur (Prototype, Splinter Cell 4, Borderlands, Stranglehold)
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"Heavyocity has done it again with Evolve Mutations. This is another no brainer library to own. The sounds are so relevant and useable right out of the box for many types of scoring projects that I work on. They have fast become one of my favorite sample developers."
Danny Lux , Compositeur (Grey's Anatomy, Boston Legal, My Name Is Earl)
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"Mutations delivers dry, in-your-face sounds that ooze style and character. It’s also aptly named - the simple but powerful interface allows radical manipulation and sonic mayhem, which is a must for those of us looking to make every sound ‘our own.’ And of course, in the tradition of Evolve, it sounds like a million bucks and sits perfectly in all of my mixes."
Jason Graves , Compositeur (Dead Space: Extraction, Section 8, Alpha Protocol)
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