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Welcome to Lores


Welcome to the Lores online user manual. Learn about all features in detail and create custom sounds from scratch.

Music is a story, Lores is your narrator, inviting listeners on a sonic trip around the world to hear your own unique tale. This innovative library makes it easy to add magic to your scenes from traditional strings to eclectic instruments, such as the hurdy-gurdy and shakuhachi. Play yourself into the narrative with an intuitive interface that lets you create extraordinary, evolving soundscapes.

Meticulously curated and refined, Lores dissolves the boundaries of traditional instrumentation, allowing you to seamlessly blend eclectic tones. Enter a space where the timbre of a Mongolian horse fiddle dances together with a woodwind ensemble, or hear what medieval pipes sound like accompanied by violin with a Middle Eastern flair. Choose from 16 instruments and hundreds of articulations to mix and match, the possibilities for fantastical blends are boundless.

This manual shows you how to install and setup Lores, introduces key concepts and controls, and describes all features in detail, starting with the overview.

Thank you for choosing Lores. We hope you enjoy it!


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