Get the most out of PICKED NYLON with the online documentation. Learn basic workflows as well as advanced tips and tricks.

Thank you for purchasing SESSION GUITARIST – PICKED NYLON, a classical guitar sample library powered by KONTAKT. This document will provide you with instructions and advice on how to use the library, as well as some additional information.

We hope that you will be truly inspired by using PICKED NYLON.



What’s new in PICKED NYLON?

PICKED NYLON offers most technical features found in other products of the SESSION GUITARIST series, including monophonic and polyphonic melody playing, various vibrato and pitch-bend modes, and an advanced guitar voicing generator. But there are some new features as well:

  • Sympathetic Resonances: Plucking one string on a guitar will always set adjacent strings into motion as well. Dial in Sympathetic Resonance to make single note melodies sound more rich and lively.

  • Left hand fret noises: When playing melodies or chord changes, the instrument emulates the fingering of the notes and the ringing of the section of the strings which lie in between the saddle of the instrument and the left hand of the guitarist.

  • Musician: As Nylon String Guitars are not particularly loud, the breath of the musician is typically audible on classical guitar recordings – that’s why breath noises can be dialed in for enhanced realism.

  • Brightness Control: Classical guitarists vary the angle at which they are plucking the strings, as well as the position, e.g. plucking closer to the fretboard, over the soundhole or closer to the bridge, to achieve a brighter or darker timbre. Move the knob to the left to play soft chords or classical melodies, or move the knob to the right to help the instrument to cut through a dense mix. Automating this control to carve out fine details in classical performances can go a long way to achieve the last bit of authenticity and musical expression.

  • Filter Songs by musical style: To make it easier to find patterns or songs suitable for a specific musical genre, it is now possible to filter the entire content library via genre tabs in the song browser.


PICKED NYLON combines a pattern-based guitar library with a sophisticated multisample set, designed to deliver authentic-sounding melodies, riffs, picking and strumming patterns for songwriting and music production. Its samples originate from a unique classical guitar built by award-winning Luthier Lisa Weinzierl. The instrument was recorded with high-end vintage condenser and ribbon microphones in multiple microphone setups through SPL Crescendo and Universal Audio 610 preamps.

The signals were then converted by the SPL Madison analog-to-digital converter and fed into an RME MADIface XT via MADI, both externally clocked by an Antelope Audio 10MX Rubidium atomic clock.

Patterns and sample content were performed live by professional classical guitarist Eduard Hausauer, and Jonas Roßner. The patterns are grouped in song presets, containing 4–6 patterns each, as well as a matching sound preset. You can select patterns via keyswitches and play them as chords on your MIDI keyboard. Pattern playback will always stay in sync with your host project.

Regarding sound options, PICKED NYLON offers three distinct microphone setups. Integrated sound presets consist of up to seven integrated effects. They include custom designed EQ and reverb presets, tape emulation, compression and more, and provide a variety of tones suitable for different musical genres from pop to classical music. Like the other products in the SESSION GUITARIST series, PICKED NYLON also provides a true doubling mode. Depending on the selected pattern, it can be played over a pitch range of almost four octaves.

The key feature of PICKED NYLON is its revolutionary playback engine. You can seamlessly switch between different patterns, and also alter the dynamics in real-time, thus creating true-to-life musical performances. In contrast to most pattern-based instruments, the number of available chord types is virtually endless. Because all the nuances of the original performance, such as exact timing and dynamics, have been preserved, you will notice that the instrument feels very natural and organic. All of the integrated patterns can be played over a wide tempo range in outstanding sound quality.

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