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Options View

The Options view is split into two sections: Controller and Perform. The Controller section features parameters for the ModWheel, Aftertouch, Pitch Bend and Sustain Pedal values. The Perform section is used for controlling the Tightness and Randomization of the performance as well as the overall tuning of the instrument.


The Options view

Controller Options

In the Controller section, you can define how certain common MIDI controllers should interact with the instrument.


The Controller section of the Options Page

There are four options in this section, presented as menus:

  1. Modwheel: This menu is used to toggle the ModWheel control of the Tremolo on or off.

  2. Aftertouch: Selects the intensity of pitch modulation provided by MIDI Aftertouch.

  3. Pitch Bend: Selects the intensity of pitch modulation provided by the Pitch Bend controller.

  4. Sustain Pedal: Selects the sustain pedal behavior:

    • Off: The sustain pedal will control nothing.

    • Latch Phrase: The sustain pedal can be used to latch the pattern trigger keys, but will not affect the main playable key range of the instrument.

Perform Options

In the Perform section, you can define the playing style for the instrument. The Tightness and Randomization controls can be used to make the performance more natural and humanized, or if desired, more mechanical and tight.


The Perform section of the Options Page

There are three controls in this section:

  1. Tightness: Controls the sample start position to set the tightness (or responsiveness) of the sound.

  2. Randomize: Controls the amount of randomness applied to parameters like tightness, velocity, and sample variation (for instance, round-robin). The middle position will have a subtle natural sound, the full left position will potentially sound mechanical.

  3. Inst Tuning: Sets the instrument’s overall tuning in Hertz.