The On-Screen Keyboard


KONTAKT PLAYER's virtual On-Screen Keyboard can be used to play instruments with your mouse. It also provides an overview of an instrument's range and key switches.

KONTAKT PLAYER provides a virtual On-Screen Keyboard that can be used to play instruments with your mouse when a MIDI keyboard is not available.

To display the keyboard:

  1. Open the Workspace menu.

  2. Select the Keyboard option.

    The On-Screen Keyboard is displayed at the bottom of the Rack.

The On-Screen Keyboard contains the following features and controls:

The on screen keyboard, including mapped keys highlighted in blue.

The On-Screen Keyboard

  • Keys: When a key is clicked, the keyboard generates a corresponding note event that will be received by the currently selected Instrument. The note’s velocity is relative to where on the key you click: clicking towards the top of the key will produce notes with a low velocity, and clicking towards the bottom of the key will produce notes with a high velocity.

  • Pitch and Mod: Click + drag the Pitch and Modwheel to generate pitch bend and MIDI CC #1 data respectively.

  • Transposition: Shift the displayed key range up and down in octaves.

  • Key Range: The keyboard uses colors to indicate the key ranges of the current Instrument.

    • Playable Keys: Keys that produce sound are colored blue.

    • Key Switches: Keys that somehow change the instrument’s behavior are colored red.

    In some libraries, these colors change in order to indicate different things, for example, keyboard splits or different instrument types. This feature provides a quick overview of the Instrument's range, and which keys will switch between different articulations.