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In Mix mode, you can access volume and pan settings, and make adjustments to the mix from your controller.

The MIXER button is the right-hand button on the second row down in the Control Zone.

  1. Press the Mixer Button to access the first eight channel strips that can contain Sounds and Groups.

  2. Press the Parameter PAGE LEFT or Parameter PAGE RIGHT buttons to move to the next 8 channel strips and back again—there are a total of 16 channel strips available.

  3. Press the 4-D encoder to toggle between volume and panorama control for Screen Knobs 1–8.

  4. Push the 4-D encoder up to enter Group mode and buttons 1-8 will control your Groups. Push the 4-D encoder down to enter Sound mode and buttons 1-8 will control Sounds. The Accessibility Helper will announce which mode you are in.

  5. Use Screen Buttons 1-8 to jump to another Group or Sound, depending on what you selected using the 4-D Encoder.

  6. To adjust the output volume of the respective Group or Sound, turn Screen Knobs 1-8. To fine adjust the output volume, hold down SHIFT as you turn Screen Knobs 1-8.

  7. Push the 4-D encoder left or right to select the previous or next Sound or Group.

  8. Turn the 4-D encoder to adjust the output volume of the respective Group or Sound.