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Maschine Accessibility for Visually Impaired Users

Maschine is a groove production studio that combines classic groove box workflows with the advantages of a computer-based system. As a hands-on instrument, Maschine is ideal for making music live, as well as in the studio.

This guide aims to onboard visually impaired users of the Maschine Mk3 controller (or the Maschine+ device in controller mode) to the new accessibility features provided by Maschine 2. The guide introduces key Maschine features and workflows step by step, therefore we recommend to follow the instructions from start to finish.

You can use the Previous and Next links at the bottom of each page to quickly skip through the guide and go back to check previous sections if required. This guide is not intended to cover every aspect of Maschine, but the information provided should enable you to navigate the rest of the Maschine interface as well. We encourage you to experiment, make music and have lots of fun.

For in-depth information about all aspects of Maschine, please refer to the Maschine Mk3 manual:

If you want to immediately learn about the hardware layouts of the Maschine Mk3 controller and the Maschine+ device, please use the following links: