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Running Maschine 2 for the First Time

Before you turn on your controller, please load the Maschine 2 program. Maschine 2 will open a dialog box as it scans your computer for plug-ins and content libraries that it can use. Unfortunately, this dialog box is currently inaccessible, so please be patient and you will eventually hear that Maschine 2 has loaded its Preferences dialog. Again, this dialog box is inaccessible, but you can change most of the important preferences that it contains using the controller—this will be covered later in this guide. For now, just press the Escape key on your computer keyboard to exit the Preferences dialog. You should then press Alt+F4 (Windows) or Cmd-Q (Mac) to close Maschine 2.

You should now have your system configured so that you can get started with Maschine 2, so connect your controller to a USB port on your computer and turn it on using the button on its rear panel (for the Mk. 3) or by pressing and holding the File [Save] button on your Maschine+.