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Saving a Project

Press the File Button followed by Screen Button 3 at any time to save your project. Alternatively, you can use the same keystrokes that you would use in most other applications on your computer, or just pick the Save or Save As options from the File menu within the Maschine software—you will be presented with the usual dialog that allows you to name your project file and choose where it will be stored.

Additionally, if you try to close the Maschine application when you have changes that have not been saved, the Helper will prompt you to do one of the following:

  • Press Screen Button 5 to Cancel. This will prevent Maschine from unloading and allow you to continue creating.

  • Press Screen Button 7 to Discard your changes and quit Maschine.

  • Press Screen Button 8 to Save your work then quit Maschine.