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Using your controller, you can navigate and edit your Plug-in chains and adjust the parameters of each instrument or effect.

  1. Press the Group A Button to activate your drum kit.

  2. Press the PLUG-IN button, which is the right-hand button on the top row of the Control Zone. The Helper will announce “Plug in on”.

  3. Choose what you want to apply a plug-in to: press Screen Button 1 to select the MASTER channel. Press Screen button 2 to select the GROUP channel, or press Screen Button 3 to select the SOUND channel. Since we are experimenting with a group, press Screen button 2 and the Helper should announce “Group on”.

  4. Move through the Plug-in chain using Buttons 5 and 6 to select the next or previous plug-in. You can also push the 4-D encoder left or right to move between plug-ins. If a plug-in slot does not currently contain a plug-in the Accessibility Helper will announce "empty". Additionally, if there is no next or previous plug-in, the Accessibility Helper will add "disabled" to the announcement.

  5. If you want to replace a Plug-in or add a plug-in to an empty slot, hold down the Shift Button and press the Browser Button [Plug-In Browser).

  6. Press Screen Button 8 or push the 4-D encoder to open the Plug-in BROWSER. The Accessibility Helper will announce "Plug In Browser".

  7. You can now browse through all of your effects plug-ins using the Screen Knobs. Once you have found the plug-in you want to load, press Screen Button 8 or push the 4-D encoder to insert the Plug-in into the effects chain.

  8. To delete a Plug-in from the chain, hold down the SHIFT button and press Pad 9. The pads are numbered with Pad 1 being the bottom-left pad, Pad 2 is to the right of Pad 1 and Pad 5 is immediately above Pad 1. Pad 9 is the left-most pad on the 3rd row up.

  9. Once you have loaded a plug-in, the Screen Knobs 1-8 allow you to adjust the parameter values of the Plug-in. If there are more than 8 parameters, you can use the Parameter Page Left/Parameter Page Right buttons to access any other pages containing further parameters for the plug-in. The Parameter Page Left/Right buttons are the two buttons that make up the row immediately below the BROWSER/Plug-In button in the Control Zone.

  10. If you hold down the Shift Button, you can use Screen Buttons 5 and 6 to move the current plug-in backwards and forwards in your plug-in chain.

  11. Holding down Shift and pressing Screen Button 7 will bypass the current plug-in.