Overview of BATTERY


Gain an overview of all the sections making up the BATTERY interface and their functions.

BATTERY has an intuitive and flexible user interface, with designated areas for drum and sample programming, browsing, automation, modulation, and an effects and routing section.

The BATTERY interface consists of the following key sections:

  1. Header: Contains Global settings such as tempo and master output volume. For more information, refer to Header.

  2. Sidebar: Contains the Browser for Kits and samples, functions to organize BATTERY's Library, and parameter automation. For more information, refer to Sidebar.

  3. Cell Matrix: Provides a visual arrangement of all samples in the Kit, giving access to all sounds and making them playable. For more information, refer to Cell Matrix.

  4. Quick Access area: Contains frequently used tools for cell editing. For more information, refer to Quick Access Area.

  5. Edit area: Provides advanced editing, effects, modulation, MIDI features, and routing options. The Edit area is organized in six pages, accessed by clicking on the respective tab:

    • Main page: Features basic tools for adjusting the sound of the individual cells within your Kit. Refer to Main Page.

    • Effects page: Contains effects that can be applied to a cell’s audio output, allowing you to further customize your sound. Refer to Effects Page.

    • Modulation page: Allows you to modulate your sound with a variety of sources, including LFOs, envelopes, aftertouch, and MIDI controllers. Refer to Modulation Page.

    • Setup page: Provides tools specifically designed for drum playing and programming, enabling you to fine-tune cells/Kits or create entirely new sounds from the existing library content. Refer to Setup Page.

    • Editor page: Contains audio editing tools, a loop editor, and a layer and mapping editor, all of which provide extensive editing features for cells. Refer to Editor Page.

    • Master page: Consists of group effects, controls for the Reverb and Delay send effects, and Buses for routing and mixing cells with additional effects processing. Refer to Master Page.