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Mixer Page


Available for drum and percussion instruments in multiple collections, the Mixer page enables you to fine-tune your drum sounds.

The Mixer page is available for drum and percussion Instruments in the Acoustic, Band, Synth, and Vintage collections. It enables you to select one of the Instrument's drum pieces for editing, and provides additional controls for fine-tuning your sound.

The Mixer page consists of the following parameters:

  • Drum Piece: Selects one of the Instrument's drum pieces for editing. Parameters on both the Main page and the Mixer page can be set for each drum piece individually. Additionally, the selector shows the MIDI note associated with the respective drum piece.

  • Level: Adjusts the volume level of the Instrument in the range from -inf to +12 dB.

  • Pan: Adjusts the position of the Instrument in the stereo image.

  • Tune: Adjusts the tuning of the Instrument in the range from -36 to +36 semitones.

  • Sound: Morphs between different timbre settings. Turning the control fully to the left produces a neutral sound.

  • Output CH: Selects the Instrument's output channel. You can either select KONTAKT's main out or any of the additional stereo outputs that are configured.

  • Articulation/Filter: Instruments in the Acoustic and Band collection provide an Articulation section, while Instruments in the Synth and Vintage collection provide a Filter section. For more information, refer to Articulation and Filter.

  • Envelope: Adjusts the Instrument's volume envelope, which consists of attack, hold, and release stages. You can adjust each envelope stage by clicking and dragging the individual segments in the display.


The Articulation section is available on the Mixer page of Instruments in the Acoustic and Band collection. It provides a selection of different articulations, each with a dedicated set of parameters. You can select an articulation and adjust its parameters for each drum piece individually.

  1. Articulation: Selects one of 9 available articulations, Alternate, Release, Flam, Drag, Ruff, Roll, Buzz, Speed, Geiger. You can switch off articulations by selecting Off.

  2. Articulation parameters: Enable you to fine-tune the character and expression of the articulation.


The Filter section is available on the Mixer page of Instruments in the Synth and Vintage collection. It provides a resonant low-pass filter that can be used to shape the sound of the selected drum piece.

The Filter section consists of the following controls:

  • Filter On/Off: Switches the filter on or off.

  • Cutoff: Adjusts the cutoff frequency of the low-pass filter. Frequency content above the cutoff frequency is attenuated.

  • Resonance: Adjusts the resonance amount of the filter. Turning the control to the right makes the frequency content at the cutoff frequency more pronounced.

  • Vel Sens: Adjusts the amount of velocity sensitivity for the cutoff frequency. When set to 0, the cutoff frequency does not change depending on note velocity. When turning the control to the right, the cutoff frequency changes according to the note velocity to a variable degree.