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Welcome to MASSIVE

Thank you for choosing MASSIVE! This new software instrument combines a unique synthesis engine with unparalleled ease of use –- but most of all it is focused on sound creation. MASSIVE is your solution for punchy bass lines and cutting leads, while at the same time it is also capable of beautiful atmospheric pads and funky rhythmic grooves.

This manual will show you how to use MASSIVE and all of its features. To help you take full advantage of the creative possibilities of MASSIVE, it will explain the innovative wavetable engine that is at the heart of the synthesizer’s sound, as well as the unique filters that give MASSIVE its characteristic, analog sound. It will describe all internal effects, the internal feedback circuit and the wide variety of advanced routing capacities that give MASSIVE its power and flexibility. And, last but not least, the manual will show how to set up modulation routings within MASSIVE, one of its most powerful yet also most intuitive features.

The manual itself consists of two major parts. Chapter Quick Start contains two introductory tutorials. These will guide your first steps with MASSIVE, introducing you to its parts and features and how to begin using them. This is the point to start from if you are completely new to MASSIVE. Chapter Reference is a systematic reference of all functions of this synthesizer. It covers all aspects of MASSIVE and provides usability hints as well as technical information. If you need more information about a specific part of MASSIVE, here is where you will find it.

But most of all, we hope that you will enjoy the sound of MASSIVE!