Welcome to the MASCHINE MIKRO Quickstart Guide.

You will learn the essential workflows for making music with MASCHINE MIKRO. If you have some experience already, feel free to jump around. For beginners, we recommend spending some time reading through this guide.


Before you begin, make sure everything is set up and ready to go.
Using Native Access, download and install the MASCHINE software and library on your computer. If you have not installed Native Access, go here.
Ensure your MASCHINE MIKRO controller is connected to your computer using the USB cable provided.
Run the MASCHINE software. Mind that on first launch, it will take some time to set up the library. If MASCHINE doesn’t start, please head over to the Support section.

Understanding Maschine

The basic elements of any MASCHINE project are Sounds. They represent a single instrument, such as a kick, a snare, a synth, but also a sample or an audio loop. A set of 16 Sounds is called a Group – a perfect example of a Group is a drum kit. Each of the 16 Sounds within a Group can be triggered live using the pads or sequenced from a Pattern. For each group, the notes you record and program are stored in Patterns: They are the building blocks of your MASCHINE project.

Software and Controller Working Together

Everything you see on the Maschine Mikro controller is mirrored in the MASCHINE software. The 16 pads represent the Sounds of the current Group, with number 1 located in the bottom left corner. In the software, the same Sounds are represented in a vertical list next to the sequencer. If you hit any pad, the corresponding Sound is selected.
If you’re not hearing anything yet, that’s because you haven’t loaded a Sound. Go to the next page and find out how load a drum kit.