Step Mode works just like a classic step sequencer. You can edit and change your loops on the fly, with each step of your sequence lighting up through the pads as a visual guide.

Entering Step Mode

Press STEP on the controller to enter Step Mode - the button will remain lit while Step Mode is active.

Selecting a Sound

In Step Mode you program a sequence for one single Sound. To select the Sound you’re working on, press and hold SELECT and press the corresponding pad.

Programming a Pattern

Each pad now represents a step of your pattern. Simply press any pad once to activate, and again to deactivate it. To hear your sequence, press PLAY.

Moving Focus

To create and edit patterns which are longer than 16 steps, turn the Encoder to move your focus between the different pages.

Activating Follow

Once you press FOLLOW, the focus of the pads moves through the whole Pattern along with the playhead.
Let's switch to Keyboard Mode and find out how to play melodies on the Mikro pads.