Chords are really great for adding depth and texture to any track, and MASCHINE offers an easy way to find interesting harmonic progressions. You can even play whole chords with just one pad. And the built-in arpeggiator turns any combination of notes into rhythmic sequences, perfect for melodic lines. Time to get creative!

Playing Chords

To get started, press CHORDS - now, each pad you press will trigger a whole chord instead of a single note. The notes of each chord also stay within the scale selected in Keyboard mode. Be aware, Chord Mode will only work with polyphonic instruments such as pads or keys.

Using the Arpeggiator

When in Keyboard Mode or Chords Mode, press SHIFT + NOTE REPEAT (Arp) to activate the arpeggiator. If you want to change the speed of your arpeggio, just turn the encoder - hitting the arrow buttons offers different options to explore.
So far, you’ve probably used preset Sounds out of the box. Now let’s have a look at how you can customize them.