Using Sound Parameters allows you to really put your own stamp on your music. You can adjust the sound of each instrument and mould them to your taste – via the software or the controller. Add effects to Sounds and use the Smart Strip as a hands-on way to control your performance effects.

Adjusting Instrument Parameters

In Plug-In Mode, press the Encoder to access sound parameters. Navigate parameters with the left/right arrow buttons, turn the Encoder to adjust them. Holding SHIFT while turning the encoder allows for fine-tuning.

Understanding the Signal Path

MASCHINE provides a large selection of effects that you can apply on Sound, Group and Master level. This is how your signal flows through the different stages.

Adding Effects

To add effects, click the plus symbol in the plug-in list. Select Internal then an effect of your choice, for example, Reverb.

Using Perform Effects

Performance effects affect a whole Group. To select an effect, press SHIFT + PERFORM, sliding your finger on the Smart Strip will instantly engage it. To turn off the effect, press PERFORM again.
Once you have everything sounding how you want it, you can export your ideas to use elsewhere.