The best way to get started is by having some fun with MASCHINE’s drum kits: Hit some pads and get a feel for how the MIKRO behaves. But first, you need to load a kit.

Loading a Kit

To load a drum kit from the software, click the Group icon in the Browser, and select the Kits filter. In the results list, double-click the name of the kit you want to load.
Once you have loaded a kit, hitting any Pad should produce a Sound. If you can't hear anything, head over to the Support section to solve your problem.

Setting Yourself up for Recording

When you want to record a Pattern live, make sure you are in Pad Mode by pressing PAD MODE: the button on the controller should be half or fully lit.

Setting the Tempo

To adjust the tempo, press TEMPO and turn the encoder.

Changing the Pattern Length

Press PATTERN and select any Pattern with the pads. Now, simply turn the encoder to adjust the pattern length.

Setting the Metronome

Press SHIFT + TAP (Metro) to activate the Metronome.

Recording a Pattern

When you’re ready to record, press PAD MODE, REC then PLAY and perform your rhythm on the pads. If you want to start recording at the beginning of your loop, press SHIFT + REC to activate count-in. When the Pattern reaches the end, your recording is played back in a loop. To end recording, press STOP.

Undoing Steps

If you made a mistake while recording and want to undo your last step, press SHIFT + pad 1 (Undo).

Clearing a Pattern

If you want to start-over, press SHIFT + pad 9 (Clear) to clear the whole pattern.

Quantizing your Pattern

If any of your drum hits are out of time, you can quantize your Pattern to fix them. To qdo this, press SHIFT + pad 5 (Quantize).

Using Note Repeat

Note Repeat is a fun way to instantly create rhythms and drum rolls.
Hold NOTE REPEAT, then press and hold any pad to hear it in action.
That’s the basics sorted. Now let’s dive a little deeper by creating new patterns and variations.