People use MASCHINE in many different ways; for sketching ideas, producing whole tracks, or just sharing loops with friends. Whatever you have planned for your music, you will need to export your audio files. Let’s show you how.

Drag and Drop

You can export your Patterns from MASCHINE simply by using drag and drop. Select the Pattern you want to export. In the top right corner of the Editor, click and hold the symbol with horizontal (MIDI) or vertical (audio) bars - give it a little time to render. Then drag and drop into your host, or whatever destination.

Export Audio Dialog

The Export Audio dialog allows you to configure how your audio is exported. To open the dialog, click the File menu, and select Export Audio. You can then export Sounds or Groups, as well as, set the file format, and file destination. Once you have configured these settings, click Export. To learn more about exporting audio, refer to the MASCHINE MIKRO Manual here.


After working through this guide, you should now have a good overview of the most important features in MASCHINE, allowing you to start creating your own music. However, MASCHINE is a pretty deep instrument and offers much more than we could cover, so we recommend you play around and explore it by yourself. If you need inspiration or more information on specific features and functions, check out the resources below.
The reference manual is your go-to for a comprehensive feature documentation - it’s really all in there. And make sure to check out the hardware cheat-sheet as a quick reference for using your MASCHINE controller. Both can be found on the MASCHINE MIKRO product page.
To come up with new ideas, it’s great to look at other producers and their workflow. Find MASCHINE related stories from around the world of music production on the NI Blog.
And for advanced and often surprising tips and tricks, curated by NI’s own lead product specialists, check out TruTorials - a source of inspiration for the growing MASCHINE community worldwide.