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Using Performance Effects


Maschine's performance effects are group level effects designed for live performance. Learn how to use them here.

Maschine+ provides a great selection of studio effects (FX) that can be loaded in the form of Plug-ins. Each Sound, Group, and Master channel can have an unlimited number of insert effects loaded in their Plug-ins slots.

In addition, Maschine+ also has a set of Performance effects that are ideal for use in a live performance situation. They are designed specifically for their ease of use with the Smart Strip and can be applied to Group channels for maximum sonic impact.

List of Perform Effects

One Performance FX can be added to each Group channel. The following Performance effects are available:

  • Filter: An analog-modeled High, Low, and Band-pass filter capable of yielding raw, natural-sounding results using saturation and resonance. Roll-off the highs for a thick, murky veil, or use the resonance to create sounds that float into self-oscillation infinity.

  • Flanger: A comb filter effect with more than a few tricks up its sleeve. Get performance-ready flanger or phaser effects, or expose its wild side—setting higher decay and frequency values unleashes ping-pong delay-like flutter effects.

  • Burst Echo: A warm, versatile echo with plenty of character, designed for spontaneous splashes of echo. Strong, responsive attacks that taper off into hazy trails are perfect for dub and can also be tweaked for more extreme sound design.

  • Reso Echo: A complex resonant echo with advanced feedback and saturation that verge on psychedelic tendencies. Echoes range from a tight, punchy resonant hum to ambiguous howling sounds from another dimension.

  • Ring: Built on a carefully selected bank of ring modulators, Ring adds a bell-like quality to melodic sound sources. Using the additional plate reverb, tweak a knob or Smart Strip to hand-pick individual notes and keep them ringing into the stratosphere.

  • Stutter: Turn the intensity up, and down again with Stutter. This beat-mangling effect adds creative dynamics like glitches, fills, and expressive pitch-bending crescendos to drum patterns and more.

  • Tremolo: A no-frills tremolo and vibrato effect that’s perfect for creating motion and wobble on the fly. Instantly add expression with multiple modes, Rate, and Depth ranges, and use the Stereo knob to create auto-pan motion effects.

  • Scratcher: Scratcher warps your sounds with turntable motion effects that can get other-worldly. Apply a ‘brake’ to a sound, then scratch with it – just like on vinyl. Or use the pitch shifter delay to thicken the sound and create alien-sounding sweeps.


For a full description of the Performance FX and their parameters, please refer to the Maschine Software Manual.

Using a Performance Effect

After selecting a Performance FX, you can start to interact with it. This is where the fun begins!

To adjust a Performance FX:

  1. Press PLAY to start playback of your Song.

  2. Press the Group button (AH) to select the Group where you applied the Performance FX.

  3. Put your finger on the Smart Strip and slide it upwards to increase the effect, or slide it downwards to decrease the effect.

The effect can be heard as you slide your finger up and down the Smart Strip. Take your finger off the Smart Strip to release the effect.

Adjusting the Performance FX Parameters

Each Performance FX has a set of dedicated parameters that can be adjusted using the Smart Strips.

To adjust the individual parameters of the selected Performance FX:

  1. Press the PlUG-IN button.

  2. Select the Group (AH) with the Perform Effect you want to adjust.

  3. Turn the knobs to change the parameters.

The Smart Strips can now be used to adjust the parameters of the Performance FX. Use the Page buttons to switch between parameter pages. You can also modulate the parameters during playback by pressing the AUTO button and turning the Knobs. For more information on modulating parameters, refer to Recording Modulation.

For a full description of Performance FX parameters, refer to the Maschine Software Manual.

Automating a Performance Effect

After selecting a Performance FX and applying it to a Group, if you find something you like while playing with it, you can automate it! Automation will replicate any movement you make with your finger on the Smart Strip, leaving your hands free to perform other tasks.

To automate a Performance FX:

  1. Press PLAY to start playback of your song.

  2. Press the Group button (AH) to select a Group containing the performance effect you want to automate.

  3. Press and hold the AUTO button.

  4. Put your finger on the Smart Strip and slide it upwards to increase the effect, or slide it downwards to decrease the effect.

  5. Release the AUTO button once you are satisfied with the sound.

When you release the AUTO button, the changes you made to the effect using the Smart Strip are automatically replicated during playback.


To delete automation, press SHIFT + CLEAR.