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Welcome to Traktor


Welcome to the Traktor Pro manual. Read this user guide and learn how to use Traktor, the most powerful and versatile DJ software on the market.

Thank you for choosing Traktor Pro — it is because of customers like you that we can continue developing groundbreaking music software and hardware. Traktor is the most powerful and versatile DJ software on the market. With Traktor, you can mix your tracks traditionally as well as combine your tracks and loops in a non-linear way, using it as a powerful live remixing tool. This documentation provides you with all the information you need to make use of Traktor’s features to their full capacity.

Document conventions

In this document the following formatting is used to highlight useful information:


Indicates paths to locations on your hard disk or other storage devices.


Highlights important names, concepts, and software interface elements.


References keys on the computer keyboard.


Denotes a single step instruction.


Denotes the expected result when following instructions.

The following three icons denote special types of information:


The light bulb icon indicates a useful tip, suggestion, or interesting fact.


The information icon highlights essential information in a given context.


The warning icon alerts you of potential risks and serious issues.