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ASHLIGHT is a real-time cinematic texture instrument that produces complex atmospheres, pads, leads, soundscapes and effects.

ASHLIGHT is a real-time cinematic texture instrument that produces complex atmospheres, pads, leads, soundscapes and effects. It combines a custom sound library, specifically designed around the Grain and Sample playback modules, with multiple effects sections and a performance-focused XY modulation control. ASHLIGHT is the third release in a trilogy of granular instruments from Frank Elting. This iteration sees Elting work with Amsterdam sound designers The Solos, towards a darker, colder, and more submersive sonic pallette.

ASHLIGHT's granular engine places the source audio into a powerful and intuitive interface. Within the granular engine, sounds can be substantially augmented in size, without sacrificing the sound quality or character. The granular sounds are layered with bespoke multi-samples or atmospheric one-shots from ASHLIGHT’s Sample module. The Sample engine is especially powerful when combined with additional editing and modulation features, whereby unique opportunities in sound design are presented.

Combining the Grain and Sample layers enables you to produce highly expressive and multi-faceted tones with immense versatility. The resulting sound palette ranges from sophisticated timbres and moody atmospheres, to cinematic soundscapes and dramatic leads. The XY control is the core of ASHLIGHT's performance philosophy, designed to produce expressive articulations with special regard to the precision in timing and intensity required for nuanced, powerful sound design.

Thank you for choosing ASHLIGHT. We hope you enjoy it!


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